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Motivation: Motivation has a large affect on the quality of work produced. It is difficult to do anything if you do not feel motivated to do it. Donald Murray in Bridging English explains motivation for writing as being a “want to understand his or her own life, to make meaning out of experience, [and] to share this meaning” (Milner, Milner, and Mitchell, 2013, 342). While this is a nice sentiment, I know that motivating students often requires an outside force other than their own want to understand. As a writer motivation is often something that I struggle with. I used to enjoy writing as a child, I would often make up complicated stories with the intent to write them down get about ten pages in and then begin the process of making up a new story. I loved exploring my thoughts, but even in my spare time I had no real motivation to write. As an adult in…show more content…
When first developing this poem I had little motivation to write it. A part of the issue is that I do not particularly enjoy writing poems, and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in creating it, but another large part was that I knew I technically was not going to be graded on the piece of writing I produced. I can assure you that when I am finished I will have gone over this reflection a lot more than I went over my poem. As an English Language Arts teacher it is my job to establish ways to motivate my students to write. Motivation should come from more than a grade. I did eventually manage to find motivation to write my poem, and it did come from myself. I was motivated to re-work my monster free write when I was having a bad day and I wanted to explore my feelings further.

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