Reflection On Mispronunciations In Internship

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During my internship, I detected some problems related with students and with departments’ organization. Dealing with students’ problems, we found some mispronounced words / sounds. A huge range of students mispronounce the ending “–er” /ǝ/ like “paper, teacher, better…”, they pronounced like in Spanish “–er” /er/. I also detected mispronunciations in “–ed” past endings, they pronounced the sound /ed/ instead of /d/ in “filled”, /t/ in “watched” or /id/ in “added”. Another interesting mispronunciation was the pronunciation of “was” in negative form, “wasn’t”. They pronounced properly “was” /wɒz/ but in the negative form, they pronounced /ˈwʌzənt/ instead of /ˈwɒzənt/. In addition to that, we detected mispronunciations in basic words like “water”…show more content…
Now, I am going to describe what happened the day that we did the simulation. That day we had an exam in 2nd ESO but we did not know that there it would be a simulation. The exam was going perfectly but in the last 10 minutes a bell rang. The fire alarm was ringing. We should collect the exams and some students haven’t finished their exam yet. Obviously, after the evacuation we did not give them the exam because the students were talking during the evacuation. This was an extraordinary situation, because we did not do simulations every day, but it was unfair that these students have not got the opportunity to finish it. I think that the Head Teacher, or the Pedagogical Director, should ask if there is an exam the day that the simulation takes place. It is really unfair that a student has not got time to finish the exam, because it is a simulation and you can do it when you want. We, Núria and I, debate about this topic, but she told me that it is a simulation and it should be as authentic as possible. I disagree with her vision because these students pay the consequences of a bad organisation. You can place the simulation in another day or in another

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