Reflection On Mental Health And Wellness

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When I think of being healthy, I don’t think of one part of health. Instead, I try to focus on the total health of the body, which is known as wellness. A lot of individuals believe that being healthy is the basic routine of eating right and exercising. While these are key components of wellness, it is not the primary target. Exercising and eating right initiates the physical aspects of health and physical health is secondary to achieving wellness, which is the total health of the body. Mental health is the main component and the catalyst to achieving wellness. You have to be mentally stable in order to understand yourself and your body. Your mental health will help you to maintain balance in your life and guide you through a healthy lifestyle so you can achieve wellness. This type of focus was not discussed much, but mental health is now a trending topic in the nursing field. Within other medical fields, the popular forms of health are discussed, researched, and demonstrated more. This gives
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I believe the study group, which was based on participants in nursing programs in India, could only shed light on the findings of those individuals of that particular culture. It was only a small focus group, as opposed to more participants of different cultures around the world. I would like to see the results of a study of participants of various cultures and ethnicity. I would definitely recommend this article to other colleagues because bringing awareness to as many people as possible is the goal. We are all striving to provide great quality care and we should all be aware of our attitudes towards mental illness. In a similar but different article states “However, there is an urgent need to review the current curriculum to prepare undergraduate medical students to provide holistic care to the people with mental health problems.” (Journal of Neuroscience in Rural Practice, Jul-Sep
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