Reflection On Listening To Jesus

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Following the teaching of Christ is obedience and not conformity or something else. Obedience is a form of social influence that involves performing an action under the orders of an authority figure. Through obedience, Jesus accepted the will of His Father. By taking a human form and being born like us in order to save us from sin. Eventually, Jesus’ teachings were concerned with groups and individuals. His teachings based on the daily living examples as people could see and follow what he was doing, saying, writing, and preaching. However, Jesus’ behavior was to do the will of His Father and draw sinners back to God. Clearly, his disciples learned through his teachings and decided to live as Jesus. Listening to Jesus’ teachings, I felt to follow him closely by obeying his will…show more content…
As a follower of Christ, I imitate Christ’s life that I may reach my goals as a religious awaiting for eternal life. Mostly, I reflect on Jesus’ calling his first disciples to come and follow him and he will make them fishers of men. It is through faith, prayer, and trust that I can change many lives of people not even by my words, but only my presence is enough. Surely, my mission for my community and the church made me obey as I live the teachings of Jesus. Knowing Jesus obeyed God, also I obeyed my superiors in whatever mission they had for me. They sent me to teach in elementary school, but before I started teaching, the superiors had the urgent need in the secondary school and this made them change their mind. They wrote a letter asking me to change my mission. Immediately, I agreed and go to work in the secondary school. I had planned to work there for five years, but I ended up working there for ten years. At first, it was hard because I did not know anything about the library. Sadly, everyone in the school even some of the sisters were commenting on my work. I knew it was hard for I never worked as a librarian
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