Reflection On Leadership

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In this essay I will discuss my learning and professional development during the implementation of a project. I will discuss my leadership skills and relate this to relevant theory. Next, I will discuss situations which arose during the change process, which encouraged me to reflect on my leadership skills. I will discuss how I overcame these situations and how they developed my skills as a leader. Finally, I will ??
My vision
Although all staff seemed keen to on implementing the change within the establishment it soon became apparent that the staff team were not as enthusiastic as me. Through informal discussions with the staff it became clear that the felt that they were working towards my vision and not a shared vision as I
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Once the meeting had ended I had the opportunity to reflect on the incident using Gibbs (1988) reflection model. On reflection of the incident I felt annoyed at myself for assuming that staff had prior knowledge of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act (Scottish Government, 2014). I also felt worried that the timescales being adhered to may be hindered. In addition, I felt stressed that staff required training as soon as possible. However, the incident encouraged me to reflect on my skills as a leader. I feel that if I was involved in leading a project in the future I will ensure I adhere to planned weekly meetings as I feel this would have given the staff member the opportunity to discuss the matter sooner. I would also ensure I am approachable as this would have allowed staff to discuss the problem…show more content…
This is described by Fullan (2001) as an implementation dip. Fullan (2001) discusses that this is a dip in staffs performance and confidence, this may occur when new skills are required. Andrews (2009) discusses that implementation dips will occur throughout the change process. As the leader it was my responsibility to lead the staff through to the next stage. However, as this was the first project I had led; this aspect of project planning was new to me. I was required to research which leadership styles were best suited to the situation. Through adopting a coaching and affiliative leadership style as defined by Goleman (2000), I was able to successfully rebuild staffs competence and confidence and create harmony throughout the team. This alongside staff training allowed us to successfully progress onto the next stage of the change process.
Discuss what I learned and what I will use in the future Rodd (2001) believes that effective leaders need to realise they are learners. I feel that through the process of change I have gained knowledge and skills I will be able to confidently use in any future projects within my setting. Furthermore, I have learnt that I am continually learning in my role as a
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