Reflection On Introverts

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All this while, I kind of knew myself as an introvert for the past twenty-one

years. To me, from my own observations, introverts usually have almost the

same qualities in them. As for me, I would say that I prefer being alone, I prefer

staying home then attending parties and I prefer having a rather small circle

of friend. Not much as circle but just few friends. Maybe like two people. Lets

call it a triangle of friends.

After doing this personality test, I realize that it was true what I have been

thinking of myself for all these years. I am in the ISFJ group. Where ‘I’ stands

for introvert, ‘S’ stands for sensing, ‘F’ stands for feeling and ‘J’ stands for

judging and yes, I will admit that all of these values are indeed the values that

made me who I am today. In this reflection, I am going to share every values

that I have and why I think I grew up having those values.

Firstly, I am in introvert. I would
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I am glad to know that I am the ideal kind of parent. Basically I am just glad to know that I will not be messing up my children. Also, the result from this test states that I am a good listener which I am and I am so happy that sometimes people choose me over their family members to share their problem with. Although to strangers I might be overbearing, unfriendly and hard to approach, I am happy that people who pick me to be in their life are happy that I am in their life. Overall, I am grateful that even I have weaknesses in me, it is not going to hurt or trouble anyone else because the weakness that I have revolves around me such as I always don’t pay enough attention to my own needs, and having difficulties leaving bad relationships. See, it is something that doesn’t burden or trouble anyone. To say the most, I turned out to be the person that I use to look up to when I was a kid which I am so happy and thankful
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