Reflection On Human Resource Management

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Employee engagement is one of the most important and most vital factors to a business and its managers. The book, Human Resource Management, mentions that employers must focus and maintain focus on employee engagement to not only minimize employee turnover, but make the most out of every employee that the employer takes the time to train and hire on for the company. An employee that is highly engaged in what they are doing, and is motivated to continue the work they were hired on to do, in an employee that not only will enjoy their career, but also one that will make the business more efficient by doing so. An article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the link between job burnout and employee engagement. This study basically found that employees were…show more content…
3 HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONS Employee engagement is just a small piece of a bigger picture of Human Resource Management. I wanted to start with employee engagement and show how important something that helps make up HR can be so crucially important to a business. Now I want to focus on Human Resource as a whole, how it affects employees on an everyday basis, and why it is so crucial to the foundation of a business. Without a strong and stable HR a business can forget being long term successful and profitable. Just to touch the surface of some of the things HR does inside and for a business are recruitment, training, professional development, benefits and compensations, and ensuring legal compliance. Recruitment is the foundation of HR. Without a hired on skilled workforce a business will fail. HR focuses on hiring and keeping a workforce that is skilled and knows exactly how to help the business grow and be profitable. To do such a thing the HR team must come up with things like job descriptions, interviews and how to go about them, and offers
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