Reflection On Globalization

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First, teaching about globalization is a great tool for students to develop their critical awareness and critical thinking skills. Nowadays, it is extremely important for students to be aware that beyond their personal world, the one they see and are able to reach, there is a wider world with people, towns, and cities similar to their own, in which people speak different languages and have different religions and views of life. Moreover, that it is impossible to understand their own context and reality, unless they see it as part of something much larger and complex than itself. The reason for this is that due to globalization, people, societies, and nations are more interdependent than ever before. The term interdependence “describes the…show more content…
On the one hand, nowadays it is easier to communicate with people in distant regions of the planet, and to have access to different products, tendencies, and philosophies that come from exotic places we have never heard or visited before. On the other hand, this enlarged access to the rest of the world has also helped us to see the inequity, injustice, and suffering that other people have to endure. Hence the importance of teaching about globalization and its impact at schools, in order to use it as a tool to fight against the same problems it is creating or just allowing us to notice. For that reason, teaching the students about the interdependence of communities and the dynamics of power and inequity that this new order has brought is a chance for students to develop their critical awareness and critical thinking skills, while at the same time growing as individuals and future citizens. Additionally, helping children to learn more about our national indigenous heritage and to embrace it, is the perfect first step to also teach them about different people, to break away from old stereotypes, and to accept, cherish, respect, and value diversity. If we do not use globalization as an instrument to improve the education of our children, we as teachers would be wasting the perfect opportunity to be the builders of an improved next generation of inhabitants. However, if we take advantage of globalization and teach about it, this new generation could bring about positive changes and a greater global understanding. Moreover, these citizens would be more prepared to take the responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and would be more concerned with human
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