Reflection On Gender Identity

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Gender Gender identity is whether one feels as though they are a male or female. I never really thought about this much until I started taking classes that talked about gender identity. According to society, I am considered a female because my anatomical make up. However, I have never completely assumed the normal gender role or gender role stereotypes. As a child and teen, I loved to climb trees, lift weights, and play football. I did not enjoy playing with dolls, playing dress up or having tea parties, therefore, I did not do those things. I also was not sensitive like other females. As an adult, I do frequently adhere the gender role or stereotypes. Although, I still enjoy doing many male things like fishing, hiking, and camping but I also…show more content…
I have had many bisexual and homosexual friends. I, at one time experimented with bisexuality but do not feel that homosexuality is for me. Marrying a female, I believe would leave me yearning for more. I have needs that a female cannot fulfill including sexual satisfaction. I do not think I have ever met any transgendered individuals. I never understood transgender. As I stated earlier I have never really been like typical girls. I like men’s shirts and jeans. I also like to do thing that guys do but I still consider myself a female. Therefore, it just does not make sense to me. I may understand it better if I were a male and acted and dressed like a female. I have seen many headlines recently in the news about transgendered children in schools. These headlines are mostly talking about transgendered children using a bathroom or locker room of the gender they identify with. It may sound bad but I do have an issue with this. Not only can that lead to many issues down the road like boys pretending to be transgendered to get in the girls locker room but it could end up putting the children at risk of seeing something they should not see or even worse some type of sexual misconduct. I feel they should be treated fairly; however, I do not agree with letting a person who is anatomically a male in a locker room or bathroom with my teenage daughter and vice versa. I think they should have a private bathroom or locker room or just use the rooms for their sex. My husband is not going to go in to my daughter’s bedroom with her and change into his exercise clothes. (people would be in an uproar if that happened) Why should one be allowed to do it in school? We could take it a step further and say lets make all bathrooms and locker rooms co-ed. This sounds ridiculous but it is the same thing and is unacceptable. We have separate locker and bathrooms for boys and girls, which is not considered discriminatory. Why not we add these rooms for
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