Reflection On Gender Bender

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“Gender bender” is known as a person who bends the rules and standards of what is not expected from his or her gender. Gender roles are the biased ideas that society has placed on females and males. To break the bias standard that is placed on genders, I decided to bend the rules somewhat by asking a guy out on a date. I have personally never asked a guy out due to the conceived thought that the guy should always ask the girl. Before performing this task, I felt out of my realm,and a sense of desperation. While then carrying out the date, awkwardness seemed to over take me as I began falling out of my comfort zone. Through this process I learned that I have been warped by societies definition of gender, as I did not feel right taking the main role of the guy. Gender bias has socially constructed men and women into a preconceived standard on how they should present themselves. Before asking the guy out many emotions seemed to over take me. I did not want to prelude to my date that this was a class…show more content…
Because I had this quality, I thought it would be pretty easy to socialize. To my surprise it was not easy for me to socialize with my date. Overall, I was mainly surprised how much people depend on their gender roles. Something as simple as asking a guy out made me feel so different about myself. Have I defined my gender role or has society told me what my gender role should be? The gender bender activity helped me to realize that society has shaped my gender role in many ways. According to Kirk and Okazawa-Rey, “Values do not come from facts or from analysis of a situation but rather from people’s beliefs in principles like fairness, equality, or justice” (Womens Lives p.g. 55). On the other hand, would I have not felt as awkward if I was not discriminated against. In all truthfulness I felt that my date was distant from me because I asked him out as a
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