Reflection On Forgiveness

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It is true that we are still too weak to forgive others even though we have experienced forgiveness and redemption through the Crucifixion of Jesus. Obviously, it was not a simple case that the blood of Jesus Christ forgave our sins. That forgiveness was an amazing confirmation of God’s love through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, who was a thoroughly human and the Son of God as well. If we believe in His love confirmed us already and meditate His forgiveness every day in our life, I believe that forgiving might be much more successful. What could be our answer to question that what forgiveness is? How can I make my definitions of forgiveness as a person who has an experience of God 's great forgiveness and my own experiences of forgiveness…show more content…
Forgiveness is the process of acceptance of tension, existing in the extended relationship between families, communities, ethnics or nations. This tension is beyond the tension of those who directly involved in. Thus, forgiveness is a matter to be considered in many relationships, including between individual and individual, individual and community, group and group, group and country, and so on. Forgiveness should be also considered in a certain context that they belong to. For example, in The Parable of the Prodigal Son, I believe, there are four aspects of forgiveness created in several relationships surrounding this parable, including the father and the younger son’s aspect basically. First aspect we should consider, needless to say, the forgiveness of father for his younger son returned home back after wasting his inheritance. Second aspect we should not miss that the elder son’s resentment and tension between father and him. The elder son seems not agree with father’s forgiveness and celebration. Moreover, he seems not be able to forgive his younger brother. Third, the position of the prodigal son forgiven by his father, we should consider definitely. In many cases, there is tendency to emboss more a person who forgives than a person forgiven. Finally, this parable implies the communal forgiveness related to the position of the younger son, surrounding people, and the all the villagers as
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