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Final Reflection
During my connected lesson, I recognised that developing a lessons which is connected has successfully incorporated knowledge building among students. I learned that when planning a knowledge building lesson within your learners, its’ important to give them time to understand the topic in it’s basic element, and then build upon it throughout the other lessons. In my lessons, I started with the basics, showing students what it means to be persuasive, and giving them examples. Throughout the week, they still listen to different examples of persuasion, but also take the time to think of their own opinions to different topics, and work on persuading others the way they have seen others persuade during the beginning lessons. There
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For example, my mentor teacher pointed out how some students may feel uncomfotable or embrassed recieveing differenciated instructions. However, self- reflection was a tool I used to differenciate. I began assesing my teaching during the first period and making changes during the second period, where I would be teaching the same lesson to another group. During the lessons, I had sevral “ah ha” moments, where my opportunity to self-reflect became useful assessment information for myself and students. In a class discussion, for example, comments made by some of the students may lead me to believe that they do not understand the concept a Venn Diagram . As a result, I decides that the class will revisit the previous activity and, in the process, examine the connections between that activity and the discussion at…show more content…
The web page explains how writing is not a sigular task, in order to effectivley create a writing lesson there are various aspects a teaher needs to concider like: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, fluency, conventions, and presentaion. One detail I overlooked during the writing activity was setting “presentation” standards for the students. Although, the students were aware of the importance of organization witin the context of theie writing, students are genrally not aware of the impact the quality of there presentations actually have on their assessment. As a result, I decided to take a few minutes to address what is considered to be appropriate in terms of font choice and
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