Reflection On Family Support Theory And Practice

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It has been more than nine weeks since I had entered CVFS403: Family Supports Theory and Practice. The course is about to end and I have enjoyed all aspects of it. Throughout my educational studies, I’ve always associated myself with courses that helps to improve my knowledge in ways to work better with others. The main reason I entered this course is because I certainly enjoy helping people and thought it might prove useful for me in the future. When I enrolled in the family support, theory and practice course, I expected to learn a range of ways to give support for children, their families and persons with disabilities from various settings. After spending ten weeks in the course, I am glad that I had made this choice. Thus far, this course…show more content…
I intend to use these guiding principles to allow the pathway that will bring forth positive results for families, their communities and the organization. I sense that in putting these principles deep in me has definitely assisted me as I work with families from diverse groups. It has given me the courage to understand each person and their situation. In addition, I believe that with these guiding principles I have built common ground of respect for each client and their…show more content…
This course has taught me that the success of family support programs is highly determined by the health of the relationship between workers and participants. I plan to stay grounded in this practice considering that “everyone needs it” (, 2015). Social capital plays a key role in family services and programs. I hope to take it with me even in my daily interactions with people and will be able to put it into practice in my future job. Regular reflection for family practitioners is not only beneficial for the worker, it also gives them guidance to provide current and an accurate service to families. I find this practice very useful on a daily basis for the reason that it refreshes the mind and greatly influence the way I work with families. I plan to carry on with the frequent reflection in my personal and professional life; to identify and work areas that needs to be
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