Reflection On Faith And Religion

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As read he history in discussion- 4, I see that book was written after the death of Jesus Christ and even the time of Jesus there not a religious belong to him. Those religious was create by the group of the people around the communities for the need of human being and to protect life of people in my view. So after the death of Jesus people start to recognize him as massager of the god. They start to faith in him. The faith turn into the ground of people in the society and the society give make it the culture and tradition which is known as the religious and celebrate it. Faith and religion are co-relation with each other and history is prove for all of it. As I see in the history book written by alsan and diccusion-4, religious was create…show more content…
He was born in the muslin family, but he believed to the Christ Jesus. Somehow, I see the difficult to pray the god who he was grow with in the childhood. Even he told the mother was more specifically pray to the Islam god. He even told “In the American of 1980s being Muslim was like being from Mars. My faith was bruise, the most obvious symbol of my otherness; it needed to be concealed.”
The primary motivation are good news of Jesus Christ he heard from the friends, neighbors and classmate, with people he made. He even feel more confident and cursing about the Jesus. He even read the bible, but late on and off of reading bible and listen the words of people and learning from the bible he felt like he was on the wrong track. He started blaming himself for believing in it. As continues learn more history about the Jesus, he learned there were truth around in it. He think Jesus is the way of peace and good for people
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Somehow of prophet mentioned him as false messiahs as per the New Testament. Even people did wrong things to him, he keep on sharing the messages to the world to be a good and be happy without ego and arrogant. He do have similar view things in his book and the discussion week-4. There were difficult to face real for Jesus around the negative of people. He even talked about the reason he need to be in the world at time of blood war. The war was need to be stop about religious discrimination to Jewish and other religious. As compare with his book and discussion both give a lot of themes and messages about the Jesus. The first message adoption of religion by the Roman Empire than it gone viral around through western Afro-Eurasia. And it still going on the Asian
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