Reflection On Ethics: Ethical And Moral Values

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Ethically Speaking After already taking a class on ethics in a variety of fields, I can confidently say that I am intrigued by the many persuasive ways of thinking in this day and age. The ethical and moral values that I hold, may or may not be held by others, and this paper is going to explore the ethical and moral values that are described in the book and one that I have utilized for a number of years. The topics that will be discussed in this paper will include some formulaic terminologies along with a positive and negative examination of varying ethical approaches, some examples of ethical values for each term, and a few opinions of my own that demonstrate where I stand ethically and why. some formulaic terminologies The first terminology that will be discussed is the divine command theory. This theory is the rightness and wrongness of an action that is intrinsically related to the fact that God either commands it or forbids it (Lawhead 409). For obvious reasons, this theory has a variety of ways of being construed. There are those of us who do not believe in God and His creation, and there are others who believe that God dictates exactly what will and will not be inherently acceptable. For myself, I believe that God commands us to do what is right and follow in His path of righteousness, and I also believe that God dictates what…show more content…
The negative end of the spectrum on this ethical value is that you are always looking to please everyone else except for yourself. The positive spin on this moral assessment is that you will most likely be the people pleaser and may have plenty of supports on your side. As an example, utilitarian’s inside of a wedding will go out of their way to please everyone else involved in a wedding except for the bride, since she is the ones who are getting
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