Reflection On English 1301

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Reflection essay

In the beginning of this class I had my doubts, I was unsure, confused, and discouraged. I

decided to take it anyway. This would be my second time taking English 1301, you would think I

would have learned my lesson and go to the physical campus to take English the second time

around. The first time I took English I learned absolutely nothing I wrote so many papers and

read a full book and I finished that class with a bad grade and no confidence. I can definitely say

this class was different, very different I enjoyed every assignment. If this is your first or even

your second time taking English 1301 do not be discouraged every class is different, it all

depends on the Professor. If you are not a great writer
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Each folder held about 6 work assignments inside

them, I panicked even more when I couldn’t find the book we needed for this class I didn’t want

to make the same mistake as the last time. I ordered my book late and our first essay was due

within the second week. All I needed to do was relax and stop overthinking everything, I thought

to myself maybe this class isn’t as bad as the first English class I took.

After opening the first assignment folder and seeing that it really wasn’t so much work it

was actually videos and articles of what we will be learning that week I felt relieved, the first

folder was actually nice. I was able to see who I was as a writer and actually sit down and see

what needs more work I also wrote about my MBTI, I found out I was a big procrastinator and

that helped me figure out many things. Also for that week for the first time I participated in a

group discussion, I was able to read my classmates different MBTI and how they are as
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It was just like being in a physical class!

I completed 5 folder assignments, 3 journals before actually writing our first essays

by this time I really did feel confident I actually learned something, unlike the first English class

I had to read a few chapters and write about the book which to me was useless, because I still

didn’t know how to write a MLA paper I guess we were suppose to just know. Also how was I

suppose to know how to write different styles of writing if we continuesly wrote about the book.

In Professor Shani Subers class I actually learned how to write different styles of essays and how

to properly write an MLA paper. In this class you actually write a journal first, pretty much a

rough draft and you submit it for a grade, not in every class you get to do this. This is what

helped me get better grades on my essays because then I know what I need to work on. In other

classes you do your rough draft, but you do not get to submit it. You check your work yourself

and most of the time you miss the mistakes you made or sometimes you’re unaware that you

made a mistake in the first
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