Reflection On Elementary Classroom

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Treeline Elementary School Reflection Monday, February 1st, I observed Ms. Warhendorf’s second grade class. Ms. Warhendorf is the students’ teacher, but most of the lessons were taught by a Florida Gulf Coast University student doing her Level II internship. The class was quite diverse. The class consisted of Causcasion, Hispanic, and Black students. There were multiple students with learning disabilities. The classroom was diversely decorated with bullying posters stating, “Take A Stand. Lend A Hand.” The posters showed a diverse group of students. Observing around the classroom I saw many diverse books that attempted to give students a better understanding of cultures. When I arrived in the classroom, Mrs. I was handing out large pieces of construction paper to the students and was giving them verbal and visual directions on folding the paper to create…show more content…
Warhendorf’s class. I observed great classroom management strategies and got to see what a Level II intern experiences. One strategy I want to use in my classroom is the Kagan strategy Mrs. I used during math. I loved how the students would collaborate to show how they got answers and how they helped students that didn’t get the answer right by showing them step-by-step. It shows the students are able to show their knowledge of a subject. I would use this strategy in every subject because then I will have a better undertsnading of how well students understand a subject. In my classroom I would use very diverse books and posters just like Ms. Warhendorf. It shows kids the different cultures, but also shows teaches them how we are all different, but have similarities. The kids will have better respect for different cultures. I also would teach the same thing about opinions as Mrs. I. Mrs. I taught the kids that it is alright to have different opinions and views. Overall, the class was well structured and well managed. I enjoyed my observation at Treeline
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