Reflection On Diversity And Diversity

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My hope in participating in the Diversity course is to have a greater understanding of our ever changing work environment continues to evolve quicker, than we can keep up with diversity and culture. Overtime documentation has proven the multitudes of benefits of incorporating diversity from financial gain, fewer turnovers of employees, gaining larger consumer markets, inspiring innovation and creativity, and entrepreneurship. More important, I feel we need to look ahead, and begin forecasting what challenges we will have for the future. On a personal note, I have a great sense of responsibility to lead by example for my children, community, country, and world. By further investigating our past as a species, this will better adapt us to the…show more content…
What does this mean? This means that I am not prejudice, however, a better term is bias and I do not blame this on myself or anyone else. This is caused by on our hardwiring in our DNA or genetic inheritance. Sixty plus thousand years ago, we were driven by survival mode to increase the percentage of success in having offspring. (Nicholson 19). This does not mean that I approve or such behavior personally or within an organization. Organizations and leadership need to implement diversity training, and bring awareness to our behaviors and actions. Good management can identify and balance both the macro and micro perspective if diversity. One of the ongoing challenges we face is a metrics system on how to measure the success of a company on implementing diversity, or if they are still putting the pegs in the hole due to federal and government laws and…show more content…
The example was of an elderly man who complained that his stomach was hot. The physician assistant proceeded with a host of questions in his native language, making the patient feel more comfortable, thus the patient was willing to provide further information to the PA. The physical building was renovated with south western motif, upgraded soft terra cotta walls, and pictures of local foliage, versus the old pictures of city landscapes and white walls. Last, reading the White Privilege of Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack I immediately spotted the second paragraph “men gain from women’s disadvantages, as to protect male privilege. (McIntosh), I cannot speak as to what it feels like to be black, however, I can testify I too have experienced persecution of prejudice or bias treatment. I have been denied career advancement for not having an education, being pregnant at the time of a job opening, as well as being blonde and blue eyed and was assumed I was German. Recalling these events from decades ago places a pit in my stomach till present

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