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Worldwide 60% to 90% of children have dental cavities and the ratio of dentist to population was 1:150000 in Africa. Coming across these facts I was astounded as it gave a real perspective of how many people suffer from dental problems and they don’t receive any treatment due to factors like cost and lack of dentists. It conveyed how fortunate I was to receive an adequate dental treatment under the NHS. I then started to research dentistry further which included further reading of articles like ‘Prevention is better than treatment’ where I learnt the problems that people face in less developed countries was the lack of information people had on how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. These things have led to a strong drive and passion to…show more content…
I witnessed an array of procedures from fillings to complex extractions. During my time I came across a patient who was afraid of the dentist and the instruments used which resulted in missing multiple appointments leading to the patient developing gum disease. They decided to go see the dentist and after the consultation they felt comfortable and reassured after seeing the work of the dentist. Looking at the situation I learnt that the dentist job wasn’t just to treat the patient but it was to interact and use people skills to listen and deal with the problem sympathetically and advice the patient of the best solution using their expertise. The experience was insightful as I gained valuable knowledge of the situations dentist faced and how the surgery was run on a daily basis which furthered my passion to study…show more content…
My role was to entertain the elderly people who have different disabilities. This helped develop my people skills and communication as the experience showed how to deal with different personalities and problems. I spent time volunteering at a charity were I worked in a team. This enabled me to improve my team working skills and working under pressure. I learnt how important team working is when problems arise and to work with people from different cultures to solve them. At school I have been selected to be a Headteacher ambassador and leadership team member. These roles have enabled me to represent the school at open days and parents evening. Whilst doing these roles I communicated with younger students and staff to help move the school forward in a positive way. I have shown this by organising events such as the school quiz where I took on the leadership role. Due to this I have developed my skills

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