Reflection On Composition 1101

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Midterm Reflection
Composition 1101 has introduced me to many new reading and writing techniques. I have improved my skills with these techniques. I have learned how to take notes based off of an outline chart. Also, I am learning many new technical ways to maneuver my way to an informational and well written paper. I have learned multiple strategies below to guide me in the most effective ways to improve my writings.

Rhetorical Knowledge:
The textbook readings have helped me in many ways to convert rhetorical knowledge into my writings. Specifically chapter 7 helped me gather information and stay organized. The saying “Practice makes perfect.” is true. I have experienced a lot of practice on gathering information from articles. For example,
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I am familiar with the basic essay outline. The one that includes the thesis, the introduction, three body paragraphs, along with three main points each, and a conclusion. This outline has guided me through my writings. Along with the essay outlines there are also article outlines that were previously mentioned that guided me through the main points of different articles. I have realized that outlines are highly valuable to a paper. They were very helpful in the consumerism assignments like Joan Smith’s “Shop Happy” because I was able to use an outline to grasp the main point and the argument being stated. Once I understood the main point it was easier to understand my main point to create my thesis. For example: Smith’s main point was that consumerism is becoming socially influenced from all ages. Since my paper was arguing that as well I was able to use quotes to influence my paper. I also learned about comparing and contrasting the authors views. If I am trying to get the audience to notice different perspectives it is best to include the contrast or comparison inside the introduction to lead my reasonings.

I have learned many new conventions like general writing tips. One of the writing tips was grammar and I was able to study it throughout all of the homework assignments because of the feedback I received. I had to avoid using the word “you” in some cases and “they”. There were also many transitioning statements I had to learn not to use. For example; writing “in conclusion” inside the conclusion because it is obvious that it is the end of the writing and “in other words” because I do not need to explain the same thing multiple ways to have people understand me.

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