Reflection On Communication: Theory And Modern Media

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Communicating effectively is an essential skill for a supervisor. During this course, I learned a great deal about different types of communication skills. While there are many facets of communication, after reading the chapter on Communication: Theory and Modern Media, I realized that I needed to improve not only my receptive language skills, but my expressive language skills. While I am very good at hearing what is being said, I realized I do not always listen carefully to what is being actually being communicated. In addition, I also realized that my word choices play an integral part of communication. As a result of the information I learned in this chapter, I have recently made a conscientious effort to carefully listen when people are speaking to me too, as well as monitoring my word choice to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguity when communicating with people in all aspects of my life. To begin, effective listening skills are a key part of communication. Of the different strategies provided for listening effectively, I realized that I do not actively practice several of them. For instance, when people are talking to me, I do not always look at the…show more content…
Recently, verbal ambiguity became a leading factor in why four firefighters were injured in a structure fire. It was ascertained that the firefighters were injured directly due to miscommunication between the firefighters inside and the firefighters outside of the building. Had the firefighters spoken clearly and carefully about what they were seeing and hearing regarding the incident, it is probable that no one would have sustained injuries during the event. As a result, I am now conscientious about how I phrase my verbal speech, especially when dealing with fellow firefighters. Speaking clearly and specifically can be the difference between life and death in the firefighting

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