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College Plan Reflection Essay Choosing classes is an entirely different task in college than what a student is used to in high school. There are a lot of different factors to consider, but a very important one to remember is to not be afraid of taking chances and challenging oneself. If there is one thing that I have learned from creating two four year plans for myself, it is that scheduling is about keeping a broadened, open mind to your interests and not narrowing your vision to only what needs to get done for your major. I learned that, at the core of it all, classes are meant to improve your knowledge. The beauty of college is that you can make decisions for yourself on what kind of knowledge you hope to gain. Reflecting on my plans revealed a lot about my mentality towards college courses. I learned that my interests and my major coordinate quite well. I have known that I wanted to do art therapy as soon as I found out what it was my sophomore year of high school. I knew it was right for me because of my interest in both art and psychology, as well as a general need to help…show more content…
I find that I was interested in all of the courses required for art therapy. When I set up Plan A, I was only worried about my major. For me, it was easier to create Plan A. I didn’t consider what I needed to have for my minors, which I think is good. Plan A allowed me to daydream a little bit. I was able to assume that I could do my internships in the summer, that I could possibly not do my work study, and that I could have very full schedules. I kept in mind that these plans are likely to change and I kept Plan A as very hypothetical in my mind. This gave me the freedom to adjust as I pleased. Even though Plan A was easier, I do feel more satisfied with Plan B. Having minors when you’re an art therapy major is very beneficial when trying to find a

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