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This is the first year I have actually seen a shift in the way we do and see evaluations. From the previous experience, most teachers do not like evaluations. They see them as a waste of time, and it reminds me of the same experiences I have seen in the readings I have done. In the previous years, most of our observations happened because a deadline was approaching. Many times, the principal would ask teachers to sign and ask him if they had any questions. Our biggest evaluation happened at the end of the school year, by that time teachers were more worried about packing and summer. Nobody really paid attention to their end of the year evaluation. Even if you got a low score, one would think about dealing with it the following year.
This year, my vice principal will be doing the main observations in my classroom. I have also had my principal do some walkthroughs in my classroom. They both have two different
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She uses the sheet that is provided by our district. She also focuses on the things teachers are strong at and likes to suggest ideas for teachers to reflect on. She came and observed me twice the first few weeks of school. Right after her observations, she sends me an email. On her second observation, she mentioned that she was asking a student what we were learning. The student mentioned “we are learning how to write numbers in order and with a point.” We were learning how to order decimals. This is important, as our focus this year is to ensure students understand what they are doing in each subject. Ideally, students should know the importance of ordering decimals and how to tell decimal is bigger than another. She also suggested that I should hold students accountable by having them turn and talk or write things down. This is something I am working on. In the end, I felt that her feedback and evaluation was valid and provided me with feedback to grow as a

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