Reflection On Child Development

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In this final reflection paper, I will discuss the importance of child development, present some limitations, critiques, and missing perspectives, and finally, demonstrate how I will apply my knowledge of child development to the context of my future classroom. Child development is defined as the several stages, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional that all children experience from birth to adulthood. The developmental stages that children undergo are referred to as milestones. Each child will go through these milestones at their own pace, but most likely will experience them around the same time frame. To have knowledge about child development is essential to understanding children. However, it is extremely critical for future educators…show more content…
They study child development for numerous reasons. To reiterate, “child development is defined as an area of study devoted to understanding constancy and change from conception through adolescence,” (Berk & Meyer, 2016, p.4). It is critical for teachers, especially for early childhood educators, to have extensive knowledge of child development since they work directly with many young children throughout their careers. No two children are the same and it is critical to understand each stage and milestone that a child will experience. The importance of studying child development dates all the way back to the early twentieth century when public education first began. Teachers were shown the need for understanding how to properly teach different ages of children. The importance of child development began at this time and is now a course requirement in college for all students pursuing a career in…show more content…
The three domains that children go through are broken up to help layout and provide teachers an idea of what to predict. They can also prepare their lesson plans and activities in the classroom around what stage or milestone the children in their classroom are going through at the moment. Child development has been studied for years and continues to be studied in college classrooms. With knowledge of child development, a teacher then has the ability to be versatile and teach an array of ages in a classroom. A teacher that teaches first grade one school year could be moved to third in a different school year if they have studied all stages of child development and understand the milestones that the children will go through in each grade
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