Reflection On Child Abuse

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I personally experienced an incident of discrimination when my son was around two to three years old. I took our son, Joseph, to the Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills. It was a weekday afternoon and we were in the play area of the mall. There were several other moms and children in the play area. I was watching our son playing around and I can’t remember exactly what he did but it was something I did not approve of. I immediately told him, “Joseph, come here!” He did not listen to me so I then walked over to where he was and grabbed him by his arm. I took him forcibly to where I was sitting and started to yell at him. I believe I spanked him on his butt as a form of punishment. Afterwards, I placed Joseph in his stroller as he started to cry. As I was sitting in the play area, there was a White, blonde American…show more content…
This could only be because of her desire or curiosity to know who I was. Did she really care if I was related to Joseph or did she want to scold me like a servant? I still wonder why she asked me that question but I can probably determine it to be because of the way that I scolded Joseph. Our society is sensitive to child abuse and I understand that my actions may be portrayed as such. I would not consider my disciplinary actions to be categorized as child abuse. I am a strict parent but I am also a loving parent. I believe that children need structure and rules in their life in order to become a productive human being in our society. I did grow up with actual physical abuse that has scarred me for life. In my house I do not allow wire hangers for this reason. I do not blame my mother for the abuse but I have learned that it is part of our culture and it was the way she was raised. My husband and I were raised similarly even though we are from different cultures. We agree that we will raise our children the best we can and with the knowledge and through the mistakes we have

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