Reflection On A Trip To The Grotto

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Friday 1/9 I wanted to reflect on the field trip we took on Friday to the Grotto and to the Synagogue. As the trip got closer I tried to leave my mind open to new experiences that I might encounter on the trip. As I sure many pilgrims did before they traveled to new places. In Cousineau’s book it talks a lot about going to these holy places with an open mind, to be almost at peace within you before going. Going to the Grotto I knew it was going to be more focused on the Catholic faith, which I am a member. Going on the trip I tried no to a line myself with any faith. I wanted to go in as someone with no religion. To see how it might be different from when I went to the Grotto with my church. It was really interesting to walk around the upper garden and take in the magnitude of how big the Grotto property is.
It was nice and peaceful walking and reading the store of Jesses. The story had great points of joy, and also sorrows, just like life. One part I have always
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If you find yourself facing disappointment, try to ask yourself where your attention has wanders. The real work on the journey has begun: you have to meet the gods at these ancient sites halfway. Rejoice that you have come so far. When reading this quote in the book it got me thinking about why people go on pilgrimages. I know the answer to that question can be anything because people go on pilgrimage for personal reasons. This passage on page 110 made me also think of the story in the book about the women who plans out every little detail about her pilgrimage and ask the man about it and he tells her “I hope nothing goes your way,” as he walks away. He doesn’t even explain what that means to the lady. He later explains that if everything is plan to the “t” there is no room for the unexpected. If she is going to find God, how can she if she isn’t open to

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