Reflection Of Writing: The Elements Of Reading And Writing

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Many people like me read for enjoyment. I read for pleasure and I also write for pleasure. For me as a writer I have to be able to write about something I enjoy so that I cannot run out of ideas and things to talk about when I am writing. As a reader I also read for pleasure because I have to be able to understand what I am reading about and so that I would want to read more about what I am readying. Starting this class I was a nervous wreck, but looking back now this class has really helped me out a lot, as a highschool student the essays that I do are not given feedbacks and with this class it has helped me because I get to know what I did wrong and what I need to work on with the feedbacks I received after every rough draft we do. This…show more content…
I also need to watch my tone when I am writing because I feel like when I write when someone else reads it my tone seems off as if I am not confident about what I am talking about, another elements of reading and writing I feel like I still need to work are breaking things up when I write, I have realize when I write I tend to have long and chucky paragraphs which makes the person reading my work confuse. Staying on topic as a writer is another thing I struggle with I also tend to stray too far from my main point. As writer I need to learn how to write more of a college level writing before I enter college next year. When it comes to reading the elements I feel like I still need to work on as I move forward in college are not just to read but to understand what I've read. In general I mostly need to work on my reading comprehension strategies. Learning new vocabulary is something I need to work on while reading instead of just filling something else with the word I need to look up a word I come across when…show more content…
Ending this class I feel some what satisfied because although I may not have gotten the read I expected and coming in I was scared I'm satisfied because I got to understand where I go wrong in my writing and the feedback that was given for every essays we did is very helpful and it lets me know what to fix and what I need to improve on as a writer and reading which is gonna to come in handy when I go to college after graduating high school next year. As a reader from the starting of this course to the ending of this course I have come across many vocabulary I've never seen or heard of and so I can say my vocabulary has increased a little. As a writer my writing has improved not as much as I want it to be regardless I feel as from when I started to now I've had a breakthrough because now when I am writing I know what to do and what not to do which I think is an improvement because before I would just write just to write but now before I write I gather my thoughts and ideas first and the flow of my writing has to flow well when I write I also make sure now when I write to make sure everything is not long and
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