Reflection Of Writing: Book Review: The Warrior Writer

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From the feedback I got from my peer reviewer, my paper was in the right path. What was missing was structure. As the structure went, I did not have structure it was one long paragraph that did not have a start and an end. So, I added more content to the paragraphs because they needed more sentences to back them up. What I also did was I broke down the paper into introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. I also got the chance to reread my paper and correct any miss interpretation and mistakes I had. I also was able to fill in the gaps of what main points were missing. I was able to add on more context from the book. I see strength into the structure in essay as it flows better. I see transformation which for me is good, I used some advice from the book. As this semester progresses I will like to continue working on essays and vocabulary, I think vocabulary says a lot about someone especially in a reading. The knowledge you have shown in the way you try to communicate with the reader. I think the grade I earned in this essay is a B+ because I answer all the questions to my ability that were given…show more content…
I saw on the first day what I came with from the previous English classes from writing a simple essay to a research paper. Even simple things, like how to grab the reader’s attention by making the paper seem like it is having a full conversation with the reader. Reading this book gave me a better understanding on what I am lacking in my papers and what I am doing well. I want to be more organized in my essays because I tend to go all over the place when I do not know how to start it. As of the knowledge I brought to the class and what I want to learn. This class English 1010: Basic Writing will help me learn more techniques and expand my vocabulary that should be expected once I get in English
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