Reflection Of Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Zora Neale Hurston’s tour de force novel Their Eyes Were Watching God is told through the voice of Janie Crawford. Janie yearns to experience true love, as well has have a sense of self worth. In her early years these two ideas are intermingled, one cannot simply exist without the other. As she ages and goes through the trials and tribulations of love, she comes to find that the two are not mutually exclusive. Janie speaks about her adolescent identity by saying “Dey all useter call me Alphabet ‘cause so many people had done named me different names” (Hurston 9), this goes to show that Janie did not have an identity growing up. From early on it was subtly ingrained in her mind that she did not have a name and therefore a voice. As she got older this was an issue that Janie needed to rectify. However,…show more content…
Janie was informed that her husband was going to die, she felt that she had to say her final peace, say the words she never said. Jody tried to tear her down throughout their final conversation, but Janie had a resolve like never before. “All dis bowin’ down, all dis obedience…dat ain’t whut Ah rushed off down de road to find out about you”(Hurston 87) Janie acknowledges that he left Logan to find love and a voice but Jody’s version of love did nothing but stymie her growth. Jody could not cut her down for the last time he passed away before the words could escape his mouth, it was at this moment Janie had transformed, “the young girl was gone, but a handsome woman had taken her place”.(Hurston 87)
It took two husbands but Janie had found her voice, even though both marriages were void of love, it was now she could accept that a firm stance, did not need to go hand in hand with affection. Now all that was left was for Janie to find her true love and she could finally reach her horizon. The form of true love came to her in a man much younger than herself, this individual’s name was known as
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