Reflection Of The Ramayana

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In my opinion, great books are retold to simplify the original text for modern day audience. They provide the reader with an insight of the most relevant and influential events from the original story. For instance, the original Ramayana was a series of eight lengthy books but, R.K. Narayana retold the story to make the original version easier to grasp. In fact, I believe his retelling was successful as it was significantly shorter, straight to the point and relevant to the current time. This was through his use of diction, style of writing and techniques that brought a contemporary feel to an ancient story. For these reasons, I picked The Ramayana as a great book to retell in this term project.
I retell The Ramayana beyond the last excerpt from “Chapter 10- Across the ocean” (Narayana 2006, 231) from Sita’s perspective. This is when Hanuman has returned with the news that he found Sita under Ravana’s domination in Lanka. Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva and Hanuman then decide to go across the ocean to rescue abandoned Sita and to kill her kidnapper. I chose to symbolize
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I was perceiving this all as a Disney tale and how the prince charming encounters many battles to save his princess. I felt that this scene really showed Rama’s dedication and love for his wife through the construction of the bridge and defeating Ravana. I have always been a fan of romantic stories and while reading this part from the story, I envisioned it to be interpreted in such a romantic way from Sita’s perspective. Also, the idea of symbolizing the bridge is a theoretical concept, as a bridge is “A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier” (Farlex 2016). This definition plays beautifully in this scene as the ocean being the barrier between them is diminished by this bridge, therefore the bridge can be symbolized as the reunion of their
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