Reflection Of The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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793 words

Reflection Reading my first book for this class, I was really looking forward to it. The book, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, is an interesting book because it touches base on mass incarceration and the caste system. Figuring out that society is on a war on drugs and racism in the justice system is upsetting, and yet interesting. Michelle does a really nice job in organizing the book and presenting the plot. The fact that this book informs and explains arguments, what is happening with the justices system is complete true. Our lives would look complete different; and some of her points are happening. People do not realize getting incarcerated will take some of rights away. This essay will reflect on the book its self, answer questions, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how michelle alexander's the new jim crow touches base on mass incarceration and the caste system.
  • Analyzes how michelle alexander talks about how people's lives change after they are released from prison. the book starts by introducing jarviour cotton, who is incarcerated because of drugs.
  • Opines that the war on drugs will not change as years go by, and that prisons are needed to teach people a lesson.
  • Opines that michelle alexander's book taught them that war on drugs and incarceration is a rebirth of caste of america, and that human beings need to realize everyone is different.
  • Concludes that the book shows the effects of the conflict in the united states.

Having this problem, there will need to be prisons to teach people a lesson, in my perspective. On the other hand, Michelle says, “These days, activists who advocate “a world without prisons” are often dismissed as quacks, but are society will much better off without them.” (P4) To connect, this statement is partially somewhat right. Back then, as mentioned in the book, there were as many people in prisons, as of today. There over 2 million people in prison! Of course, prisons are needed because it keeps criminals in jail. As to the drug conviction as well, from 300,000 to more than 2 million and continuing to increase. This war will not stop by the statistic Alexander introduce to us. In today’s time, drugs and incarceration has not change much, but the method has. In other words, people consume or sell different drugs from back then. In solving this problem we need to realize we have a problem, and then take action. One solution can be more prisons, stronger justices system, or even military being …show more content…

The fact that War on Drugs and incarceration is a rebirth of caste of America, is correct. If you are African- American you will go to prison because of the caste system. People choice to be what they want to be. Yet Michelle point is correct, human beings need to realize everyone is different. Problems are created because one it creates them. Also we talked about the nullification system in class, and is one way in solving racism in the justice system and the government. Michelle Alexander uses statistic through the book. She explains the difference from 1990s to today’s world. This makes it easier for the reader to tell the contrast. To conclude, I can continue to go on about the caste system, racism, and war on drugs. The point is that racism continues to exist and the rebirth of the caste, continues to exist it never went away. People just did not do as much, but now is more obvious than ever. The clear examples she introduce and statistic show and support the statement of the “rebirth of the caste”. In my opinion, I found the book interesting; and statistic surprising from class and the book. Things continue to go bad in the United States. When are we going to do something about it! This book shows the effects of the

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