Reflection Of The Nativity Story

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The Nativity Story is a great catalyst for the establishment of the inspiring accounts of the birth of Jesus. Accordingly, it is based on the Matthew and Luke ( Indeed, it may serve as enlightenment for those who have strong belief in Jesus’ existence. Consequently, there are different scenes that can catch one’s heart and mind while watching the film. Important to realize, I have also perceived various scenarios that made a great connection with myself. To begin with, the first scene that struck me was the scene of Angel Gabriel and Mary. The angel said that Mary had found favor with God and she would bear a son. Moreover, he said that she would name him Jesus. Henceforth, Mary asked, “How can this be since I’ve been with no man?”…show more content…
It is greatly seen during the scenario of the three kings upon seeing the birth of Jesus. Consequently, it was depicted that one of the three kings asked to his fellow, “How was your faith now?” It was interrogated after seeing the greatness of the Lord. Indeed, the magical power of faith can make a great difference in one’s life. It is really considered as a catalyst for one’s turning point in his/her dark life. Thus, faith is a strong belief in God’s existence that can make an individual’s life even brighter. With this in mind, I realized how powerful faith can be. Personally, I had asked God when my grandfather died since I got no answers why it happened. However, I never thought of quitting my faith with Him. Subsequently, I realized that there would be circumstances that would confuse our faith with God however it is just a battle of how strong one can hold on. I eventually thought that every wound heals and God would never leave us in our darkest times. I felt His presence because I knew that my grandfather is already with Him, in His kingdom. Definitely, faith may also be challenged but it must be remembered that it is the most compelling element in a Christian
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