Reflection Of The Gospels

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The Gospels are integral to our understanding of The Holy Bible as a whole. The entire Old Testament builds to them, and the New Testament builds from them. Furthermore, The Gospel of Matthew is the foundation on which The Gospels themselves are built.Written for a Jewish audience- It is in Matthew that Jesus Christ, his ministry and his place in God’s plan for his children is revealed to us.

Matthew wrote his Gospel primarily for his fellow Jews. He started by sharing the genealogy of Jesus. He needed to prove to us that Jesus was the child of David, and trace this back to Abraham. For Matthew, Jesus is not the child of David, but rather he is the child of Abraham. He is a man from Israel. So it follows that Jesus ' teachings are in keeping with Israel 's law. In Matthew, not in the other gospels, we have Jesus saying he has not come to break up the law but rather to satisfy it. No part of the law will disappear.
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Proclaiming himself the fulfillment of the Old Testament law and prophecies ( In response to John’s question Jesus affirms that He is the Messiah (11:1-6)) , he moves us forward into the New Testament with his teachings. This is the Gospel that gives us Jesus the teacher. It is here that he presents us with the truth, the way and the life expected of his disciples. The Beatitudes, The Lord’s Prayer, the parables and so much of what we hold central to the practice of our faith would be lost if not for Matthew. This is our introduction to Jesus Christ as so many, myself included, hold dear. In Matthew- Jesus is a patient,loving,compassionate teacher who calls us all forth into The Kingdom of God, and promises to personally guide us through the
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