Reflection Of The Exchange Experience

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I chose my story by thinking of an adventure that I went on that had a lot of information in it so that my partner could pick out what he thought was cool and also add his own flavor and interpretation to it. Based on the whole experience, although our class was an anomaly, I feel like my story blended in with everyone else’s because almost everyone talked about a vacation. Alec, Max, Jacob, Ian, Natalia, Bridget, Josh, and DJ (probably a few more that I can’t recall) all had stories about vacations. A lot of funny things happened in my story, but I think that Alex’s story about the nude beach was the funniest.

It felt very strange having someone else tell my story because the whole week I had been wondering how he would interpret it and put his own twist on it. It also felt strange because it was almost a
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My perceptions of classmates did not change because for the most part because I did not have perceptions of most of the people in the class, and for those who I did have perceptions of, their stories were characteristic of them and did not surprise me. As mentioned in the first question of the reflection, our class was an anomaly, with most of the stories being about vacations. I thought that all of the vacation stories were either humorous or adventurous, but had no deeper meaning to them or “moral of the story.” In contrast, the remaining stories such as Ari’s and Luke’s gave me deeper insights about them because they talked about what was going through their heads in a traumatic situation, and what they took away from that situation. In my opinion, I think that the story exchange has created a more friendly sharing environment so that nobody feels vulnerable while telling a story, although I don’t think that anyone felt uncomfortable sharing a story before the
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