Reflection Of The Bible

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The Bible contains sixty-six books in different styles. In the beginning it tells a story of God’s movement of creation, and the series of stories about the lives of people who overcome battles by using a faith-based journey. With the last sixty-six book of revelation, which is the most difficult book to understand, it describes the details of an eternal place call Hell. To understand substance of the bible you will have to obtain the history, cultural, and the literary background of the bible. The bible is broken up into two parts: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament begins with Genesis and ending with Malachi describing prophecies of the coming of Christ. The New Testament lays the foundation of the Messiah who died on the cross for our sins.
The Bible in today’s society is use for spiritual nourishment in pinpointing the weakness in your life to align a stress free atmosphere, to persevere through challenging
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The different levels of faith that Christians inherent through life experience is based on the facts of history. Upon life experiences and past down a generation it is indeed the foundation on how Jesus came onto this earth and represents God’s vision to communicate humankind. This segment God presented to humankind by placing Jesus on earth was to let people know that He is the ultimate God that will never leave you nor forsake through trial seasons. In reading scripture, people must have a sense of history background in order to interpret the society seasons. If people can have a mind frame of the writer without negative thoughts of his/her own culture thinking, the scripture can obtain an accurate interpretation. History plays important role in bible interpretation today. To truly understand it, he must accustom with Jewish language and its beliefs of how to understand the phrases of scripture through seasons and out of
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