Reflection Of Self Reflection

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As I had anticipated, anxiety and excitement built prior to our first class in May. It had been quite some time since I was enrolled in graduate coursework, and I knew my decision to embark on the doctoral journey would have a profound impact on me and my family. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, it was critical they understood the bearing this decision would have on our lives. When Madison and Brooklynn, ages seven and 11, told me they were proud of me and that I could do it, I knew the time was right! Like many of my peers, balancing family, work, and school is a challenge. Thankfully, EDLP 700 and EDLP 715 provided the foundation in understanding myself more deeply, both personally and academically. As a result of inventories, collaborative work with my colleagues, analysis of scenarios, and an introduction to scholarly writing, I have gained an exorbitant amount of information related to my strengths and weaknesses. Through this process of…show more content…
Strict adherence to deadlines, tight schedules, and rigidity in the workplace are confining and hinder my progress in decision-making. Although adaptable, I must have the end-in-mind to maintain focus; otherwise, I can get lost in the conversation and debates within a group. Because I am a seeker of information, I do not come to conclusions quickly; this is likely due to the enjoyment of verbal sparring and debating of ideas (M. Beavers, personal communication, June 25, 2016). As an ENTP, I must make a concerted effort to stay focused on the current reality of a situation and intentionally devise a plan of action. If not, I will remain highly engaged and enthusiastic with my own thinking, sometimes leading to delayed accomplishments. Understanding strengths and weaknesses related to my personality preferences provided by the MBTI has, undoubtedly, provided valuable insight as I reflect upon my leadership
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