Reflection Of Peter Pan

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Many authors, playwrights, etc. take characters from different stories and adapt that and create their own book, novel, or movie. One of the characters that have repeatedly taken by authors, playwrights, etc. is Peter Pan. He has been incorporated in many different movies, books, plays, etc. His influence is great among the people young and old and he has been an escape to those who listen to him.
Peter is a free-spirited child who wants to ‘always to be a boy’ and he gets his wish. He can fly but also Neverland that revolves around magic and adventure. There, he and his friends known as the Lost Boys whom he leads on thrilling adventures with pirates, fairies, animals, and other sort of magical creatures. What he really wants is to be loved by a mother figure and for her to take care of him and his two brothers.
Peter travels with Tinkerbell, his fairy friend, to London in search of someone who could fit as a loving mother. He finds Wendy Darling, a young girl who has yet to realize the responsibilities of being an adult. Peter tells Wendy that he and Tinker Bell live in Neverland together with other children who have been abandoned. Peter proposes that in exchange for teaching them to fly that Wendy and her siblings accompany them back to Neverland. They agree and start to enjoy themselves floating and flying, and eventually also agree to go to Neverland. After some practice, they are all soon escaping the Darling residence, but Mr. and Mrs. Darling are yelling and screaming for them to come back.
In Neverland, the Indians protect the Lost Boys against Captain Hook and his pirates. Captain Hook’s mission became to capture Peter Pan and exact revenge for getting his hand bitten off. The crocodile that ate his arm liked it so muc...

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...usband as the fourth. Women with Wendy Syndrome base their security or insecurity on the approval of others. That is why it is so important for them to present an acceptable social image. But because a person’s likes and dislikes change, and you can’t please anyone all of the time. They want to mother everyone they care about and get their approval. Wendy was Peter’s support figure and figurative and physical ‘mother’.
People sometimes do not even realize they have either Peter Pan Syndrome or Wendy Syndrome. Some couples who are married, act like mother and child, instead of husband and wife. This usually sprouts from the wife’s need to be wanted and feel secure and the husband’s need to continue to act childish and essentially be a ‘momma’s boy’. Husbands refuse to accept their responsibilities and wives refuse to punish their husbands for fear of feeling insecure.
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