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Persepolis is a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. It is about her childhood growing up in Iran during the Islamic revolution. It also focused in on her older years in Iran, after the Islamic revolution. During the comic, Marji was raised as a communist. Throughout the comic you can see Marjane Satapi’s two identities collide, which causes problems for herself as well as her family. From the start Marji went from being a young child in Iran to becoming an into the rebellious teenager, that wasn’t afraid to go against traditions in her hometown of Iran. While Marjane was growing up a lot of tension was growing politically, economically, and culturally around her during the 70’s and the 80’s. Throughout this graphic novel the author is able to…show more content…
This war really effected the country as well as the people who were in it. The people who were part of the bombings as well as the deaths of soldiers really took a toll on people. Unfortunately, Satrapis childhood was surrounded by these events and is defined by these political events. Overall the Islamic Revolution changed pretty much everything in Iran. From the fact that girls were forced to wear the veil at school and that schools had to be one sex, as well as alcohol being banned. Marjanes life as well as her entire family’s life changed completely over the course of this book. Throughout the Revolution there were major conflicts and several things were changed in the life of ordinary Iran.
Overall Persepolis, is a comic novel full of the ups and downs of the young girl Marji growing to find her identity in her native land that surrounds her with war, and confusion. Throughout the story there were definitely times where situations were happening in Iran that played a role into Marji finding her identity. Through my paper I was able to demonstrate to you how globalization culturally, economically and politically played a role in Iran, as well as Marjis
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