Reflection Of Nursing And Health Education From A Nurse

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As a nurse I will observe and employ the learning preferences I feel is most efficient for the patient, family, or community at hand. Everyone has a unique style of processing new information and its important to take quality time to ensure successful outcomes for all individuals. This is especially important when sharing medical knowledge with people who depend on your expertise.
2. Think of a time when you received health education from a nurse. How effective was the health education you received from a nurse?
The most recent health care education I received was informative and effective. Having a strong passion for health, allows me to value the significance of the information healthcare providers give. I listened and applied the knowledge
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I once asked a friend of mine what he wanted to be in life and his answer was, accountable. I thought that was the absolute best answer ever. I have big dreams for my loved ones, this world, our population and myself. In which won’t come true unless I lead by example. Leadership is a privilege that requires an abundance of qualities and characteristics, in which I will continue to develop in the hope of empowering others towards their success in life.

4. What areas do you need to develop to improve your leadership abilities? Why are these areas important for a professional nurse?
A few qualities of improvement I could work on to become a better leader would be patience, decisiveness, and confidence. These areas I’ve mentioned can all be related to important qualities of a professional nurse. I do admit I’m not the most patient person, but it is a continuous improvement I’m working on. I also have room to improve my decision-making skills and then sticking to that choice. Lastly, I am confident in who I am as a person, but going into the medical field requires a different kind of confidence, that I will need to become the nurse I have in mind.
5. How can you become an advocate? Why is this
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I have a lot of disbelief in our system, but as I’m developing into an adult I see the importance of being politically active, despite my true thoughts. Being completely honest, I don’t ever want to become wrapped up into politics, but I will stand for what I believe and contribute to causes I trust will help our world. Politics affect everything around us. Therefore, I need to be more politically active, as it’s apart of leading by example, and chase the change I yearn for.
9. Why is the role of the Board of Nursing so important?
The two main roles of the Board of Nursing are to regulate nursing practice and issue licenses to nurses who are qualified to practice. Every profession should have standards and guidelines to follow to assure successful outcomes. Which is exactly what the Board of Nursing does by ensuring patient safety and only issuing licenses to competent nurses.
10. What is the biggest change in your understanding of the nursing profession since the beginning of the
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