Reflection Of My Writing Skills In Toys R Us

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Throughout this semester, my writing skills have improved. I came into this class as an immature writer but by practicing certain skills such as being able to execute and understand writing as a process, being able to explain and critique my capacities for reflection and meta-cognition, and my ability to classify and critique my capacities at evaluating and selecting sources I’ve become a better writer. I’ve come to understand that writing is a process. Writing a great piece doesn’t happen overnight, in one sitting. Writing a good paper means you write it a couple times, different drafts are involved, and you remove and add information. You revise and keep revising until you think you’ve got it. Good writing comes on the rewrite, its fixing…show more content…
For me to truly understand the information about toys R Us and to come to a conclusion about its problems I had to know what information was significant and what should be winnowed out. I learned that if I’m going to give a good and deep analysis of the company, I need to get information from the right source, it matters because I don’t want to present an analysis of a company that is based on false information. In preparation for writing an analysis, I had to do a lot of research and stick to the articles that were without bias. To truly say that Toys R Us was a failing company I had to analyze reports, financial reports and income numbers for each year. I had to determine if Toys R Us was truly lagging behind, and if so what would be the next big innovation, vision, or product that with reestablish this company to the top. I was able to give a good analysis of Toys R Us because Toys R Us was lagging behind because it was losing market share to other competitors, especially online competitors and electronics. It also was lacking in renovation. Taking what I learned from my analysis of toys R Us I was able to come up with the next big idea that hopefully solve all the problems that it had. Before I put a piece of information in my essay I searched different sites to make sure I was right. “ According to Annual Report and IBIS World, the decline in industry sales is “ due to competition form e- commerce sites, department stores and discount retailers. “ The CRAAP test had a huge impact on my analytical essay, because just like my informative essay I conducted the CRAAP test for my sources, making sure they were reliable, correct, up-to-date, and unbiased

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