Reflection Of My Writing On The Principles Of Writing

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As a student at Roberts Wesleyan College, I have had the opportunity to take Principles of Writing. Principles of Writing is a class helps one learn how to communicate your ideas through writing. It focuses on the process of composition, from prewriting through editing, and emphasizes developing. This class has enabled me to become a better writer and it also has provided me will skills to achieve academic success, which can be seen though my essays in this portfolio. I specifically chosen each of my essays in this portfolio to show how I have improved in my writing and development of ideas over my first semester in college. I decided to include all of my essays from Principles of Writing because in each of them I learned something new about my writing. My first essay I did was the narrative essay. In this essay I wrote about how even though I am a triplet, my sisters and I are individual and different in our…show more content…
I wrote about what college student need to do to be happy. I loved writing the analysis essay because it reminded me that college is stressful but there are ways to find happiness among the stress. The first thing I quickly learned from this essay was to read the directions with a fine comb. I added in outside sources when it said not to include them, because of this I had to redo the essay. Other than that, I learned how to write an essay to persuade the reader. Lastly, for Principles of Writing, I constructed an argumentative essay about corporal punishment. This essay probably took me the longest to do, since we had to write and research the topic. I included my argumentative essay because it gave me a better understanding of how to research a broad topic with credible outside sources. The hardest thing for me during this was to find credible sources, since in high school I was only told not to use Wikipedia. My argumentative essay show my success in persuading the reader with reliable outside
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