Reflection Of My Subordinates And Leadership In The Mentoring Process

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I am a very passionate individual when it comes to my subordinates. The reflection of my actions as a leader, learner, and human being play a major role in the mentoring process. The thoughts of how my subordinates would describe myself as a leader mean a great deal. Hard- charging, loyal, patient; those are a few words I feel my subordinates would use to describe me as a leader. They would most definitely speak of how calm I am during high stressed situations. I’m the type of supervisor that loves to lead from the front. When there is work to be done, I am right there getting dirty, sweating, and getting drenched in the rain with them. That’s how I earned the respect from all of them. I’ve had the humbling experience of airmen actually fighting (not literally) to be on my shift and for me to even become their rater. The same concepts apply when it comes to my supervisor. I work hard to earn ones respect. When it comes to my followership, my supervisor would definitely describe myself as a go-getter. I like to tackle all tasks at that specific moment. One of my pet peeves is to be told what to do. So being proactive versus being reactive is key to gaining my supervisors…show more content…
The thoughts of my subordinates and leadership about me are meaningful. I’m sort of a chameleon when it comes to my emotions. In stressful situations, I appear calm, although I’m scrambling inside. I do this to make those around me at ease and to be able to accomplish a task. I think I’ve done a pretty decent job in performing my NCO duties, but of course there is room to grow and learn. My supervisor would also mention that I accept and overcome challenges, and I’m not afraid to make decisions. Being able to alleviate any kind of pressure from my supervisor and take charge with proper guidance allows me to enhance my leadership skills. If my supervisor could describe me in one word, it would be
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