Reflection Of My Journey To Literacy And Becoming A Writer?

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I did not plan on taking a general education English course as I entered into college. I was confident that my IB higher-level English test scores from high school would cover the requirement, and moreover, I was sure that I didn’t need to take an entry-level composition course. I naively believed that I already knew everything that I could possibly learn in such a course. You might imagine, then, the frustration and resignation I felt when I learned that the aforementioned test scores would not in fact exempt me from taking ENGL 104. I went in to the class this semester seeing it as merely a box to check off my to-do list upon completion. Now as I’m nearing the end of the term, I’ve come to realize that I still had a lot to learn in the way of composition. I feel that the essays that I have compiled here are excellent representations of my writing, and showcase the growth that I have gone through during this semester.

The first essay that I have selected for the portfolio, titled “My Journey to Literacy and Becoming a Writer,” is a personal narrative explaining how reading and writing have shaped me as a person. When I first started this piece, it
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Being a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, I find it hard to simply get my ideas down without simultaneously considering details like grammar and coherence. ENGL 104 has helped me substantially with overcoming the idea that my writing has to be perfect at every stage. Our professor encouraged us to do our work in multiple drafts, without worrying about it being perfectly polished until the last one. The essays that you hold are reflective of this essential writing process that I’ve only just begun to get the hang of. This is something that I am thankful to have been taught before I progressed any further in my college

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