Reflection Of Leadership Retreat

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On Saturday, February 27th, 2016, from noon to 5pm, I had the opportunity to observe the African Diaspora Reading Group (ADRG)’s leadership meeting. The purpose of the leadership meeting was to plan the upcoming event “Complexifying Conversations” and check on the leaders to see how their semester was going so far. Each year, ADRG hosts a large scale-event discussing topics of the African Diaspora. Generally, each semester we have a leadership retreat, a day to come together and plan for the upcoming semester including the large event. However, this semester, we were unable to have the retreat. Saturday was the closest meeting we had to a leadership retreat. Before the event, we had several unsuccessful telephone meetings and brief meetings before our weekly general body meetings. Most of the leaders were feeling overwhelmed from college and creeping post-undergraduate stressors which made it difficult to focus on the event. However, overall, the meeting was successful. Background of ADRG and its leaders and members ADRG is an English Department reading group. Dr. Mary Helen Washington and I found the reading group in fall 2014. I have been president since the beginning of the organization. Our…show more content…
When the leaders arrived, I had prepared the True Colors activity for them to do because of time restraints. Since the leaders are generally late to meetings, I normally try to plan around their lateness. Lateness has become an unhelpful culture at ADRG. Hindsight, I believe it comes from me. Sometimes I am not the most punctual person. As we continued our exercise, I was very interested in seeing how our colors matched. Our leaders were all blue and green and only on leader was orange. After administering the test, I took a back seat and allowed the other leaders to follow the schedule that I had made of things we needed to get done that day and began my
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