Reflection Of Language And The Diversity Of American Education

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Federico Fellini, the influential Italian filmmaker, once noted that a “different language is a different vision of life.” As I reflect on that quote, I think what the filmmaker was trying to convey was that learning a language isn’t just memorization, grammar and pronunciation but the immersing of oneself in a world foreign to one’s own. Language, rather spoken or written, is the vehicle through which culture is expressed. Students cannot learn a language without learning the culture associated with it. Neither can a language be taught without the teacher endowing his or her pupils with the different facets of that given culture. I’ve told my fiancé numerous times that I wish more for our future children than for them just to be citizens of…show more content…
As an aspirant educator, nothing will bring more intrinsic value to me than helping non-native speakers transition smoothly into our society. The learning that will go on in my classroom will be reciprocal, from me, the students will receive excellent instructions on how to grasp the English language as well as the diversity of American culture, from them, I will receive the pleasure of knowing that I am helping them on their path as well as gaining insight of their culture along the way. If I must say so myself, education is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I wish to give and make a contribution, not only to the society that I live in but to the world also. Thus, the sole purpose of this letter is exposed. My goal of getting into graduate school is driven by my desire to become an educator and share my passion of linguistics with…show more content…
program in TESOL. First and foremost, as is often claimed, one 's interest is one 's best director. Linguistics is my passion and because of that I have no doubt that I will excel in this program. My major as an undergraduate was history and I achieved remarkable scholastic success in this field. During my undergraduate years I maintained a 4.0 GPA in all of my history courses. For four consecutive years of my undergraduate study I received numerous awards for my academic performance. I was nominated for the United States Achievement Academy National Collegiate Minority Leadership Award, was a candidate for the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute and graduated on the Chancellor’s List with a 3.8 GPA. As a student I was also active in extracurricular activities on campus such as the Model United Nations Society. Secondly, although I majored in history as an undergraduate, I took several educational courses including Computers in Education, Educational Psychology & Measurement, Foundations of Education and Human Development. In addition, I accumulated 40 hours of lab experience at E.E. Smith High School as a student teacher. I believe that the educational courses I took coupled with the field experience I received will better prepare me for my ultimate goal of becoming an educator. My time in the Army as well as my everyday experiences has provided me

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