Reflection Of Heart Of Darkness

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Over the course of my senior year I have written many different genres of papers. The three that I will be assessing is first my literary analysis over the Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, advertisement analysis, and my personal narrative. The first essay I wrote in class was my literary analysis. In this paper I was to assess the book Heart of Darkness that we read throughout class. Throughout this paper I was to write about what happened in the book following my thesis statement. Also, in this paper I was to integrate quotes used in the book to validate my points in my thesis statement. The next paper I wrote was my advertisement analysis over the brands Clarisonic and Altchek MD. Throughout this paper I wrote a detailed description…show more content…
The biggest thing I struggled with was after I decided on what claim to write I had a hard time providing good examples for my thesis statement. On most of my papers I had trouble coming up with good strong ideas and saying them in a strong way. I felt that in most of my papers they were not as good as I intended them being. I thought that coming into this class I would struggle with my writing because last year was an adjustment for me. I knew I had to work hard on each of my papers because after one year prior with Mrs. Hughes I knew what she was expecting. I think that I have made tremendous progress with my writing this year. With every paper I got good grades and good feedback that I would apply to my next paper. I have always struggled with grammar in my papers such as comma and semi colon usage. Each paper I got back I would always put a comma where it was not supposed to be, or I would not put a comma where it was needed. Although I have got a lot of feedback about commas it is still something that I struggle with, and I will probably be making mistakes even in this reflection. With each paper I enjoyed writing them after creating my ideas. I do wish that I had a little bit more time on each of the papers I wrote to perfect them in every way…show more content…
With this paper I struggled with writing this because I had a hard time understanding the book itself. I think that I had such a hard time was because we read the books at home by ourselves and I had a difficult time understanding some of the imagery. Along with the detail advice, I also had comments about comma usage. With this paper I had crossed out commas and places where commas were added in. Receiving my final draft back I only had one comma error. After seeing the marks from Mrs. Hughes where commas should be I learned, and improved them on my final paper. Next with my advertisement analysis paper I had comments about my integration of secondary sources in my rough draft. This paper required lots of outside sources. With many of them I struggled with doing the integration of quotes throughout my paper the correct way as well as on my works cited page. I also had a few errors within my writing, but nothing major to fix. After I got the comments back I made the adjustments and got a very good grade on a paper that caused me so much stress. Through this paper I made an improvement with citing my sources both on my works cited page and how to integrate them in text. Last but not least was my personal narrative paper which was my favorite to write about. I enjoyed this one the most because I felt like I had more freedom to write than
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