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During the first week of this finance project, I did not select to buy or sell any additional stocks. It took me a little while to figure out the charts on Yahoo Finance and see how the stock market was doing. For this reason, I just chose to observe and record my stocks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in order to be consistent. I have never invested or even thought about stocks before starting this class. This class was very helpful and informative to me for this case. In an excel spreadsheet, I tracked down the price of each share for each day, as well as the new values in order to see how much money I have lost or gained. Initially, the stocks that I have chosen included: ATRI, TDG, PCLN, PNRA, ORLY, BIIB, MNST, HUM, CMG, and AAPL.…show more content…
I was experiencing some losses in a few of my other stocks, so I wanted to make a profit and then redistribute the money back into my other stocks in order to increase back their value. This gave me $43301.22 to distribute into my eight other stocks. In an excel sheet, I inputted the calculations of the shares I sold and the redistribution of the money between the other stocks. It also contained the new stock values, as well as my weekly recordings of my stocks. This excel sheet was very useful since I was able to see how my stocks were doing the past couple of days. It was also a great place to note my calculations in order to analyze my action making process.
When looking at my stocks throughout the second week, my portfolio’s value decreased a fair amount. As of November 10th, the S&P Index 500 beat my portfolio. I have recorded the GSPC value to be $1,011,783, while my portfolio is only at $950,976. This was a big difference so it got me nervous about my portfolio. I then noticed that during that day, my MNST stock lost a significant amount of money since it was down by 70.44%, thus making me lose $73,241. This was a great loss, but my other stocks have had significant gains to offset part of the

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