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You learn something everyday, a common quote from people to motivate themselves and others to perform their best, daily. This is often used in an academic school setting, seeing as how the quote is centered all around learning and knowledge. Now that I am at the end of my high school, and my required educational learning, these words hold more truth than they could 've in the past. The one class in my final moments of my high school academic year that I believe I have grown the most from in multiple forms, is English Literature with Dr. Tim Mcgee. With this class 's structure and teaching method, there is endless ways in which any student can grow, big or small. In Mcgee 's English Literature class during my senior year, there are multiple things in the class that I have learned for the first time, grown experience in from the past, and items that I could 've worked on better. Skills in the classroom that I have learned for the first time are items that are involved in certain authors and classic literary titles. When it comes to the class,…show more content…
In my year of literary studies there have been many tasks that I have had to complete in a short amount of time, but there has been one that I have never started earlier than the night before the due date. The essay of my weekly packets have plagued me all year and I have never taken the time to put them first so that I don 't have that stress at the end of the week. The other item that I could 've done better at is instead of going off on my own path during class, put my complete attention in Mcgee 's lectures about the novels that we have to read for the week. These lectures would help increase my test scores, and it is an all around win, so by paying attention I could 've done much better on our tests over the novel and

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