Reflection Of Education: Education Is The Key To Poverty

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The first thing that strikes me about education is knowledge gain. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. My education has always been unique due to my childhood experiences. Education in all different forms is key to breaking the cycle of poverty as I have experienced. It has an uplifting effect on other aspects of society that may seem totally unrelated. The relationship between poverty and education is complex, but I know that education helps people make healthier and smarter decisions about their children, their livelihoods and the way they live. Education has changed…show more content…
Experiencing to go to school in poverty community is one of the reasons that made my education so unique. Education was difficult back home. I did not had resources in school and home. There was no internet or fancy technology likewise here. Most people even struggle to find what to wear and eat. Even at home we did not had many choices on what to eat. What made me strong to learn was my parents. They never made me, or my siblings felt like we live in poverty area. My family did not take granted on the fact that we live in poverty community. Rather my parents would tell me if I want to live in a better life; I would have to work hard now. They worked hard to make sure that we were getting education on what they can afford. However, education opened doors for me because I have learned the world and what I am passion about it. I had dreams on what I wanted to be when I get the resources to learn full…show more content…
My education transitioned when I came to America. Everything was totally different from my childhood. The school system was different; The teaching system was different. Here in America everything was about technology. I did not really grow up in a technology life where people relied on technology. One of the challenges that I have faced was learning how to use technology, but it sure made me success. Another challenge was the language. I knew how to speak English, but it was too hard for me to understand the American English. My education level was not that bad, but it was little rough to understand everything. Having support from the school and my parents have helped me get on track and learn fast. I have had a lot of practice materials that I would do at home. I put hard work and try my best on understand my level of education. I had difficulties understanding things in middle school but getting into high school was the right part of understanding education systems and being excited about it. My life had changed a lot and I was able to get through struggles because of my education background. Education has been always special thing for me because of what I had to go through to learn. I had appreciated when I got the chance to learn limitless versus had grown very limited
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