Reflection Of Dr. Badiees In The Classroom

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The class that I observed my mentor, Dr. Badiee, teach contained about 150 enrolled students. Dr. Badiee provided a special lecture on microaggressions for Dr. Campbell’s race and racism class. The classroom was located in the physical sciences building in the main lecture auditorium. The auditorium room architecture is slanted so that the students in the back are elevated in comparison to the front row of students. There were three columns of seating right, middle, and left. A large majority of the classroom was filled with students and as an observed I selected a seat in the back middle row. Once the majority of the class was present, roughly ten minutes passed the 2’oclock hour, Dr. Badiee began her instruction with the question, “does…show more content…
Badiees’ instruction that I would like to integrate into my teaching would be primarily, the discussion questions. Not only have I noticed that it engages other students, as seen throughout her instruction, I have personally found it useful in my learning process. Providing discussion questions not only promotes individual student participation, it also fosters group participation and further understanding of the material. One quality that I admire regarding her instruction is her level of professionalism and ease of speech. She is approachable with humor and her speech is not rushed. I would like to become more comfortable with my speech when instructing and presenting. I also observed that, even for my own level of attention, it was useful that she walked around the classroom. She would sit on the table during a discussion, walk around while lecturing as well as walked up and down the isle at times keeping the lecture from becoming too monotonous. One quality that is particular useful for me is to learn to become comfortable with the beauty of silence, not only as an instructor but also as a therapist. Allowing the proper amount of silence typically induces someone to in the audience to give in and speak, fostering

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